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About Us


Data gathering is the biggest bottleneck in developing AI. Our vision is to elevate data-driven companies by providing truly smart and scalable solutions for their data needs.  


Companies can often struggle to optimally meet their data needs in-house. This can lead to wasted human, financial resources and under-trained models, which fail to get the job done.


Our solution minimizes this waste, giving companies the freedom to allocate time and  resources to other areas of development while leaving data to us.

The Team


Vladislav Stanev

Co-Founder, CEO

Vlad graduated with a BSc in Economics from Warwick University. After internships at Morgan Stanley and BNP Paribas, he spent 2 years on BNP Paribas’s Credit Research team before leaving to briefly head an AI startup’s data gathering operations and completing his MSc in Business Analytics from Imperial College. 


Peter-Michael Slaveykov

Co-Founder, COO

Peter-Michael studied Management at Modul University Vienna. After graduating, he narrowed his interest towards start-ups and business development focused on the outsourcing sector. Having first-hand experience and a wide network in the Bulgarian outsourcing market, he brings invaluable expertise to our team.

Data Labelling & Annotation

Model Output Review & Filtering


Data Transformation, Cleaning & Processing


Outreach and Lead Generation

Data Entry

Back-office process worksharing

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