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What is DataBee?

DataBee is a data annotation, labelling, gathering and data processing solutions provider to companies that use AI and predictive technologies. We provide the manpower to boost your data needs.

No minimum project size

Unlike other data solutions, at DataBee we have no minimum project size. Start as big or as small as you like, we can meet your requirements and scale with you. 

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Put us to the test

Finding the right data gathering or annotation company can be a challenge in terms of data quality and speed. Why risk it? All DataBee customers get a trial period where you can put us to the test and see if we are the right partner for you.

Start small, then scale

At DataBee we are set up to start with smaller data requirements and scale with you. Many of our clients double or triple the data requirements over a 12 month period. We can scale teams as fast as you need.



Labelling and annotation of documents, including invoices, bills of lading, letters of credit etc.


In-depth understanding, labelling and annotation of financial reports and documents


Online data gathering, website classification and annotation, dataset creation for reporting or training set purposes


Image and bounding box labelling for computer vision

Types of data

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Our clients


"DataBee has worked with CheckStep since the creation of the company and are an amazing partner who deliver high quality annotations and are very responsive. Their constructive comments helped us a lot in improving the quality of the dataset. Compared to other companies on the same Tweet categorisation task, we found that DataBee annotations were obtained much faster and with much better overall accuracy, including on difficult examples.”

Guillaume Bouchard

Co-Founder, CheckStep and Bloomsbury AI


"DataBee is always swift to pick up new tasks with high accuracy and efficiency. Everyone I've worked with actively seeks to fully understand the task, which is crucial to accurate work."

Ben Palmer

Head of Commercial Operations, EvolutionAI

What our clients say

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